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Accepted/In press

Chen, JM, R Wang, Y Liu, L He, H Croft, X Luo, H Wang, NG Smith*, IC Prentice, Y Zhang, W Ju, and N Dong (In press). Global datasets of lea photosynthetic capacity for ecological and Earth system research. Earth System Science Data. link.

Dong, N, IC Prentice, IJ Wright, H Wang, OA Atkin, KJ Bloomfield, TF Domingues, S Gleason, V Maire, Y Onoda, H Poorter, and NG Smith* (In press). Leaf nitrogen from the perspective of optimal plant function. Journal of Ecology. link.

Dong, N, IJ Wright, JM Chen, X Luo, H Wang, TF Keenan, NG Smith*, and IC Prentice (In Press). Rising CO2 and warming reduce global canopy demand for nitrogen. New Phytologist. link.


Gu, H, Y Qiao, S Xi, S Rossi, NG Smith*, J Liu, and L Chen (2022). Warming-induced increase in carbon uptake is linked to earlier spring phenology in temperate and boreal forests. Nature Communications 13: 3698. link.

Kong, RS*, DA Way, HAL Henry, and NG Smith* (2022). Stomatal conductance, not biochemistry, drives low temperature acclimation of photosynthesis in Populus balsamifera regardless of nitrogen availability. Plant Biology 24(5): 766-779. link.

Tao W, K Mao, J He, NG Smith*, Y Qiao, J Guo, H Yang, W Wang, J Liu, and L Chen (2022). Daytime warming triggers tree growth decline in the Northern Hemisphere. Global Change Biology 28(16): 4832-4844. link.

Scott, HG* and NG Smith* (2022). A model of C4 photosynthetic acclimation based on least-cost optimality theory suitable for Earth System Model incorporation. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (JAMES) 14(3): e2021MS002470. link.

Kyker-Snowman, E, DL Lombardozzi, GB Bonan, SJ Cheng, JS Dukes, SD Frey, EM Jacobs, R McNellis*, JM Rady, NG Smith*, RQ Thomas, WW Wieder, AS Grandy (2022). Increasing the spatial and temporal impact of ecological research: A roadmap for integrating a novel terrestrial process into an Earth system model. Global Change Biology 28(2): 665-684. link.


Wang, J, Z Xi, X He, S Chen, S Rossi, NG Smith*, J Liu, and L Chen (2021). Contrasting temporal variations in responses of leaf unfolding to daytime and nighttime warming. Global Change Biology 27(20): 5084-5093. link.

He, X, C Shanshan, J Wang, NG Smith*, S Rossi, H Yang, J Liu, and L Chen (2021). Delaying effect of humidity on leaf unfolding in Europe. Science of the Total Environment 800: 149563. link.

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Harrison, SP, W Cramer, O Franklin, IC Prentice, H Wang, Å Brännström, H de Boer, U Dieckmann, J Joshi, TF Keenan, A Lavergne, S Manzoni, G Mengoli, C Morfopoulos, J Peñuelas, S Pietsch, K Rebel, Y Ryu, NG Smith*, B Stocker, and IJ Wright (2021). Eco-evolutionary optimality as a means to improve vegetation and land-surface models. New Phytologist 23(6): 2125-2141. link.

Perkowski, EA*, EF Waring*, and NG Smith* (2021). Root mass carbon costs to acquire nitrogen are determined by nitrogen and light availability in two species with different nitrogen acquisition strategies. Journal of Experimental Botany 72(15): 5766-5776. link.

Bialic‐Murphy, L, NG Smith*, P Voothuluru, RM McElderry, MD Roche, ST Cassidy, SN Kivlin, S and Kalisz (2021). Invasion‐induced root–fungal disruptions alter plant water and nitrogen economies. Ecology Letters 24(6): 1145-1156. link.

Bell, A* and NG Smith* (2021). Soil salinity has species-specific effects on the growth and nutrient quality of four Texas grasses. Rangeland Ecology & Management 77: 39-45. link.

Liang, M, NG Smith*, J Chen, Y Wu, Z Guo, E Gornish, and C Liang (2021). Shifts in plant composition mediate grazing effects on carbon cycling in grasslands. Journal of Applied Ecology 58(3): 518-527. link.

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Ploughe, LW, NG Smith*, MJ Schuster, and JS Dukes (2021). Increased rainfall variability and nitrogen deposition accelerate succession along a common sere. Ecosphere 12(1): e03313. link.

Licht, J and NG Smith* (2021). Pyrogenic carbon improves the physiological performance of a C3 species planted on a green roof. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 67(1): 1-8. link.


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Chen, L, H Hänninen, S Rossi, NG Smith*, S Pau, Z Liu, G Feng, J Gao, and J Liu (2020). Leaf senescence exhibits stronger climatic responses during warm than during cold autumns. Nature Climate Change 10: 777-780. link.

Smith, NG*, RE McNellis*, and JS Dukes (2020). No acclimation: Instantaneous responses to temperature maintain homeostatic photosynthetic rates under experimental warming across a precipitation gradient in Ulmus americana. Annals of Botany – Plants 12(4): plaa027. link.

Paillassa, J, IJ Wright, IC Prentice, S Pepin, NG Smith*, G Ethier, A Westerband, LJ Lamarque, H Wang, WK Cornwell, and V Maire (2020). When and where soil is important to modify the carbon and water economy of leaves. New Phytologist 228(1): 121-135. link.

Wang, H, OA Atkin, TF Keenan, NG Smith*, IJ Wright, K Bloomfield, J Kattge, PB Reich, and IC Prentice (2020). Acclimation of leaf respiration consistent with optimal photosynthetic capacity. Global Change Biology 26(4): 2573-2583. link.

Stocker, BD, H Wang, NG Smith*, SP Harrison, TF Keenan, D Sandoval, T Davis, and IC Prentice (2020). P-model v1.0: An optimality-based light use efficiency model for simulating ecosystem gross primary production . Geoscientific Model Development 13: 1545- 1581. link.

Kattge, J and the TRY database team (including NG Smith*) (2020). TRY plant trait database – enhanced coverage and open access. Global Change Biology 26(1): 119-188. link.

Licht, J and NG Smith* (2020). Pyrogenic carbon increases pitch pine seedling growth, soil moisture retention and photosynthetic water use efficiency in the field . Frontiers in Forests and Global Change. link.


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